Energy & Climate Data Visualisations 

curated by Olwg 

These open-source resources are gathered and shared to give Members an appreciation of some different creative ways that complex energy & climate has been visualised to aid understanding.

Complexity of energy & climate data, considering the dynamic nature and geographical distribution of emissions and renewable resources presents a key challenge in posing solutions to decarbonisation, and designing systems or modelling realistic economics for future projects.

We would welcome Members’ thoughts on the initial content provided, and suggestions for alternate or more relevant data visualisation examples that help to understand the context to solving energy transition problems (please use the Forum).


My 2050


Create Your Pathway to a Low Carbon UK By 2050


MacKay Carbon Calculator


The MacKay Carbon Calculator provides a model of the UK energy system that allows you to explore pathways to decarbonisation, including net zero by 2050


Visualizing The Growth of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration

This visualizes the growth in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere (mainly from emissions due to human activities, eg burning fossil fuels for energy production, deforestation + other industrial processes).


Cumulative CO2 emissions calculator

This shows the annual emissions of CO2 since 1750, before the industrial revolution. Due to rapid growth in population and energy use per capita over time, we're emitting more CO2 each year: humans have emitted as much in last 28 years than the 240 years prior.


Greenhouse gas emissions from airplane flights

The following flight calculator and data visualization shows the miles and emissions produced per passenger by a airplane trip that you can specify.


Solar (Sun) Intensity By Location and Time

This visualization shows the amount of direct solar insolation (W/m2) all across the globe as a function of time of day and day of year.