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Clean Energy

created by Olwg 

Insyn the one stop shop for interactive learning and decision tools for energy transition and clean energy projects.  


in-vis insights visualisations created by Olwg
in-vis subscritions required

Interactive visualisation of relationships, trends, groupings and comparisons of technologies and developments.


Features include:

  • Geospatial heat maps and clustering of emissions and project capacity

  • Flexible filtering by Regions, min. emission size, clusters, industry sectors

  • Interactive cross-filtering by relationship

  • Special visuals such as Development Pipeline, Sankey Charts etc

Currently UK CCS Capture Readiness and Nuclear capacity visualisation apps available.  More technologies coming soon. 

Requires subscription.  


in-sim applications can replace manhour-intensive static reports


Development lifecycle ‘flight simulator’ for predicting outcomes of projects under different circumstances, showing:

  • Discounted economic Indicators

  • Energy efficiency

  • Discounted carbon Indicators (in development)

Features include:

  • Selection of technologies, datasets

  • Unit conversion (rates, costs)

  • Option for modelling risked / probabilistic ranges

  • Responsive to different + mobile screen formats


Currently only demo Hydrogen + Solar PV apps available for use.  More technologies coming soon.


Requires subscription.  

in-sim applications support traditional manhour-intensive processes

in-sim subscrition required
in-sim hydrogen created by Olwg
in-sim solar created by Olwg
in-calc insights calculators created by Olwg
insyn open content
i-calc subscription required

Intended to give a quick understanding of an unfamiliar technology or system topic. Examples include predictions for:

  • Blue & green hydrogen cost and impact

  • Gas Grid Blend quality and carbon intensity

  • Carbon capture & forestry project cost and impact

  • Direct air capture cost and impact

Requires subscription.  

in-calc applications give quick insights into energy transition technologies


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Collaborative &
Self Service

Insyn enables dynamic interactions between energy professionals and other parties on the same platform. 

It also allows for self-service where users can integrate and customise their own project solutions.

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Easy Access to  Information

Insyn is a one-stop-shop for interactive learning and decision tools for energy transition projects. 

It is also a resource for for easy access to curated high quality data for clean energy projects. 

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Quick & Adaptable 

Insyn is designed to allow solutions to be found quickly and alternatives to be easily explored without additional cost. 

The interactive tools hosted on Insyn are unbiased and not linked to any specific technology. 

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Value for Money

Insyn subscriptions are designed to be affordable.  Using the tools and calculators hosted on Insyn could cost a fraction of a traditional study. .